National and international transport

We transport goods in total reliability throughout the national territory, including islands, and on the international one. Thanks to our long experience in the sector, Indeed, we are able to directly manage groupage of medium and large batches up to a full load, reducing delivery times to a minimum. Furthermore, we deal with the transport of groupage for third parties, groupage and full loads, managing to satisfy every type of request. Safe transportation, precise and always punctual, guaranteed by our highly experienced and always updated staff.
On the national territory, in particular, our close and consolidated collaboration with the main naval transporters to and from Sardinia also allows us to guarantee excellent continuity of service, with excellent efficiency even in high season periods. In Europa, Instead, we operate mainly in Austria, Germany and Spain, collaborating directly with the best authorized shippers. Partners who allow us to carry out all import-export customs procedures with the utmost attention and punctuality.
All goods are covered by insurance and travel in maximum safety thanks to satellite control of the vehicles. Furthermore, we carry out digital preservation of all documentation, to ensure maximum punctuality and precision also from an administrative and bureaucratic point of view.

Full load and groupage transport

Among the services offered by the Alessandra Trasporti company is full load freight transport, a service that the company offers with a professional and punctual service and which allows you to transport a load that takes up the entire vehicle in a single transport and that And , complete note, Let's see in detail what it is.

With the definition "full load freight transport" (in inglese “full truck”) we refer to a transport that involves the total filling of the vehicle by a single customer. The transport is carried out in a single time, i.e. with a single so-called “pickup/delivery”. The customer essentially has all the means available and the means will go direct, without interruptions to a single recipient. Full load freight transport offers several advantages: first of all it allows the movement of goods to be reduced to a minimum, which is directly loaded at the place of departure and unloaded at the place of arrival. This translates into greater safety of the goods. The other advantage concerns the speed of transport, That, not foreseeing intermediate deliveries, it is free from delays and is therefore more easily programmable with the sender and recipient. Finally, full load freight transport allows you to save: the total cost of transport will in fact have a lower impact on the individual items present.

24 hour operational service

Our staff is active 24 hours up 24, on every day of the year. This guarantees perfect and constant efficiency, which translates into an excellent and quality service. The operations room staff work in shifts. Generally there are employees present but also during the night hours, which record a greater flow of travel.

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